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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Danilo Perez: Providencia

Panamanian pianist Danilo Perez took my breath away with his work in Wayne Shorter's quartet, playing blistering modern jazz that defied nearly every category.  Previously, I had heard him as a superb but fairly standard post-bop piano player with an exciting Latin tinge to his mainstream music.  Maybe I needed to hear him again?

And Providencia provides plenty of evidence that he has a wealth of fresh ideas about jazz in his bag.  My PopMatters review is HERE.

This new recording features not only Perez's fine trio but also a woodwind quartet, breezy scat vocals, the acid tones of alto player Rudresh Mahanthappa, not to mention a wealth of fresh compositional ideas.  It's a bit of a mish-mash as a program, but that is intentional.  It offers something new to hear each time you put it on, and it should be a disc that sounds as good in 2020 as in 2010.

What more do you want?

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