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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Generosity: An Enhancement (a novel by Richard Powers)

My appetite for music and my appetite for books used to be almost equal, but sometimes a book comes along that turns reading into a chore.  I feel as though I've been reading Generosity: An Enhancement by Richard Powers for a year.  (Seriously, I may have been—it is now out in paperback, but I've been reading a hardcover review copy.)

Powers is a great novelist, or at least he has been for me.  Let me recommend Operation Wandering Soul as a strange, brilliant, dreamlike novel about love and children and disease and language itself.

But Generosity is a book about how advances in genetics—specifically our understanding of the genetics of happiness—may be changing our world.  The characters in the book are mere agents for these meditations on science.  My full review is HERE.

Now back to reading less brilliant books that are better, more pulsating, more alive with regularish, dopey folks like us.

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