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Saturday, September 4, 2010

LAYMAN ON SOUNDCHECK, 9/7/10: A Miles Davis Debate with Ashley Kahn

I will have the pleasure of taking part in another "Soundcheck Smackdown" this Tuesday at 2pm on WNYC.  This time out, the debate will be about two seminal Miles Davis albums, Kind of Blue and Bitches Brew.  I will be defending the honor of Miles's great 1970 disc, which plowed the fields of jazz funk and made possible so much of the great music of the last 40 years.  Bitches Brew turns 40 this year.

My "opponent" this time out (previously I have faced off against jazz folk no less esteemed than Branford Marsalis and Howard Mandel) is author and producer Ashley Kahn.  Ashley is the author is a terrific book about the making of Kind of Blue—highly recommended.  That said, I plan to win the smackdown with a combination of hyperbole and playful metaphor.

The host of Soundcheck is John Schaefer, and I want to thank him and the Soundcheck producers for so kindly inviting me back to the show so often.  WNYC is a great public radio station in New York City at 93.9fm and 820am.  The show will broadcast live at 2pm Eastern and will later be available online.

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