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Thursday, April 14, 2011

JAZZ TODAY: An Infectious Case of Jazz Fanaticism

A month ago I was in New York for work and had the chance to go the late night "Spontaneous Construction" show at The Blue Note. It was going to be a great, if crazy, show—an unrehearsed band featuring free tenor player Joe McPhee and drummer Nasheet Waits, along with cellist Marika Hughes and the bass player John Hebert. Fun.

The only issue was that I felt like I should invite my co-workers—but how likely were they to dig some real "eek-onk" music: free blowing with not set melodies and plenty of atonality? If if they hated it, well, you know the way that can compromise your own enjoyment. Still, two adventurous colleagues were ready for the thrill and downtown we went.

You can read the whole tale, and a bit about the group that puts on "Spontaneous Construction", in my latest JAZZ TODAY column, here: An Infectious Case of Jazz Fanaticism.

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